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Stainless Steel Slanted Eyebrows Tweezers

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Top Quality Eyebrows Tweezers



  • Stainless Steel Slanted Tip Tweezers - Ideal for Eyebrows, Arts, Crafts, Stamps.
  • Precision slanted tips are perfectly aligned to help remove the tiniest of hairs with ease!
  • Serrated Grip Handles. Tweezers are also great for arts, crafts, stamp collecting etc.



To ease tweezing, take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth to open pores. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage. To close pores post tweezing, use cold water or astringent.

For expert results, never yank or tug on brow hairs - always use the Slant's precision tip to isolate, lift and then grab the hair from the root. Effortlessly pull using one smooth motion in the direction of hair growth.

This not only helps avoid breaking the hair, it's gentler on your skin. When you smoothly glide each entire hair out, broken stubble and “black dots" won't be left behind, instead you create a flawless, expertly shaped, clean look.

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