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RJ11 to RJ11 ADSL Cable BT Broadband Modem Internet DSL Phone Router Lead Lot

by Swayzuk
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High quality RJ11 ADSL to ADSL cable, suitable for connecting ADSL or DSL broadband modems and BT Infinity modems to the telephone line. This cable can be used as a replacement or for extending the original cable

This cable can be used to connect your ADSL Modem (with an RJ11socket) to the Filter/Splitter plugged into your BT ADSL enabled wall socket.

The RJ11 4 Pins are gold platted and 100% pure Copper used In order to avoid losing the data.

The plastic of this cable is made of PVC and is 4pin cable in order to keep the data quality flow more accurate and flawless.

Suitable to connect 56k Fax/Data/Voice Suite for ADSL connection

Connection: 4 Pin RJ11 to RJ11

Colors available :  Black.

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