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Free Delivery on All Orders

Portable Lint Remover Pet Fur Clothes Fuzz Shaver Jumper Trimmer Roller Reusable

by Swayzuk
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  • NO MORE PET HAIR : The Lint Cleaner removes all kinds of Fuzz, including cat and dog hair. Enjoy the company of your Furry friends without worrying about carpets and furniture covered in pet hair.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE : The applications of our lint cleaner include carpets, rugs, car upholstery, furniture, and several types of clothes. Do not use on delicate and thin clothes. Make sure to practice on a carpet before using it on valuable clothing.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT : No need for a bulky vacuum cleaner. Our lint cleaner does the job better without using any electricity or batteries. Easily fits in a glove box, drawer, or handbag.
  • WORKS EVERYTIME : Our lint tool maintained full functionality after going through multiple hours of testing on a wide variety of fabrics. It works like a lint shaver or a lint rake.
  • BUILT TO LAST : A combination of durable materials and premium construction allows our lint cleaner to stay functional for a long time. It is robust and will not break easily.


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