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Natural Moisturising Hydrating Face Mask Sheet Facial Mask Pack of 6 UK Seller


NOTE:-Upon unavailability of any flavors, may replace by other flavors on your mixed order. sorry for inconvenience

Korean Natural Moisturizing Hydrating Face Mask Sheet Facial Mask


This face mask has high nutrition, and the plant essence can help improve skin condition.
High quality skin care product, deeply moisturizes the skin when used.



After cleaning face put the mask on your face. After 15- 20 minutes, remove the mask and massage face lightly in a circular motion till the essence is absorbed. 



·      Anti-Aging Mask that help neutralise free radicals for a more youthful look

·      Formulated with anti-oxide, rich blueberry extract 

·      Great for lessening the appearance of dark circles/puffiness

·      Moisturises and cleanses the skin 

·      Rich Vitamins A,C,E 

·      All natural ingredients


Aloe Vera:

·      Helps hydrate skin on the face

·      Great for lessening the appearance of dark circles/puffiness around the eyes

·      Moisturises and cleanses the skin

·      All natural ingredients


·      Honey is naturally anti-bacterial so its great for acne treatment and prevention, 

·      Full of antioxidant

·      Great for slowing down aging

·      Extremely moisturising and soothing

·      Natural Glow on your skin


·      Anti-inflammatory properties, plus its loaded with antioxidants and nutrrients like Vitamin C and Folic Acid Cucumber

·      Have Ability to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin

·      Freshen the skin and tighten pores

·      The cooling and anti inflammatory effort of cucumbers help ease pain, redness and irritation  


·      Prevents Oxidation when applied to the skin

·      Antioxide prevent premature aging

·      Antibacterial Property 

·      Moisturising skin and rich with Vitamin A, D, E, K 



·      This antioxidant rich and antibacterial pomegranate face mask is great for:

·      All Sensitive skin types

·      Anti Ageing

·      Acne and blemishes

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