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Eye Mask Soft Padded 3D Sleep Sponge


Eye Mask Soft Padded 3D Sleep Sponge



  • This 3D contoured eye mask is made from polyester material, soft & smooth fabric for relaxing your facial stress & help you to get deep sleep. Covered with knitted fabric from both sides that are perfectly folded and stitched
  • It’s a 3D contoured sleep cover design with a stereo nose structure with a perfect design to fits on your eyes without affecting your eye makeup. Helps to provide sound sleep with sweet dreams
  • This is designed for efficiency and comfort with elastic belts with a fastening facility to extend wear when needed. Pre-fixed elastic band helps to fit onto all head sizes with ease, providing comfort and soothing temperature to your eyes
  • The High-Quality tape and the stretchy strap at the back help you adjust the eye mask as per your comfort. The Elastic used does not hurt the back of your head unlike other Eye masks available on the market making sure the Blood circulation is not disrupted.
  • The 3D eye Holes make sure your eyes are not hurt at all while you Sleep. It blocks the light completely, so blacks out even if the eyes are opened.


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