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Free Delivery on All Orders
Free Delivery on All Orders

Ear Plugs x10 Noise Cancelling Soft Foam SNR 35 dB Ear Plug

Low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long-term wear.


  • 35 SNR dB reduction
  • Self-adjusting polyurethane foam expands to fit virtually every wearer
  • Bullet shaped for easy insertion and wear

Purchase this and you get:
  • A good night sleep from noise neighbours
  • A quiet afternoon to focus on your work/study
  • A healthy hearing after working in a heavily noise polluted environment
  • Painless ears after wearing them
How to use:

Roll with your fingers to make plugs thin enough to insert
Pull up on your ears to make inserting easier
Push plugs in and hold them in place for 20-30 sec to fully expand
Inspect and pull on plugs gently. If they fall out they were not inserted far enough. They should not stick out once properly inserted but should not cause any pain either.  Remove immediately if later is experienced and try again.
Enjoy the silence

Avoid overprotection in minimal noise environments, in selecting the best earplug for your situation consider noise levels and your need to communicate with co-workers or hear warning signals on the job.

Inspect earplugs prior to wearing for dirt, damage or hardness discard immediately if compromised. For proper hygiene, discard 'Single Use Earplugs' after use.

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