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CASIO FX991EX Advanced Scientific Calculator

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Premium calculator - handy and powerful.

CASIO presents the new ClassWiz series with the technical scientific calculators FX-991DE X. This has numerous innovations to offer: An LCD display that is four times the resolution of the well-known FX-DE Plus series displays. A spreadsheet that allows the user to use the basic calculations of a spreadsheet for the first time on a technical-scientific calculator.

  • Solar/battery operated
  • Size (H x W x D): 162.0 x 80.0 x 11.1 mm
  • LCD (dot matrix), 31 x 96 dots, 10 + 2 digits
  • 696 functions

Features of the Casio FX 991 DE X

Generate QR codes

And a result visualisation on your smartphone or tablet, which is realised by the newly available QR codes. The solar and battery operated computer works in pure solar operation as soon as the ECO symbol appears in the display.


Numerical calculation possibilities are hardly limited. This calculator is equipped with:

Comparison command, new unit of measurement conversion, factorization, division with remainder or partial product calculation.

This makes this small and elegant device a computer quality calculator artist. Even the period line has been moving in


4X4 matricesVector calculationIntegral/differential calculationDistribution functions164 unit conversionsSolving inequalitiesCalculation of minimum and maximum of a functionValue tableHyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functionsExponentiential. alfunction 10x, exReverse function x-1Potency - and root functions x√,√,x2,xyLogarithm functions (log, ln)Numerical integrationNumerical differentiation() functionCalculate with complex numbersCalculations to the base nNon-natural input (such as the MS model) etc.

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