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Bathroom Drain Hair Trap Catcher


Silicone Star Shaped Hair Catcher & Waste Catcher:

Silicone Star Shaped Sink Filter Bathroom Hair Catcher, Drain Strainer Cover Trap Basin Hair Catcher with suction cup to hold onto the tub floor. Place on a damp/wet surface and press the suction cup down evenly to make a firm hold. The dense hole design in the center can block the hair or other dirt flowing into the drain/sewer. Works to easily capture hair and cuticles while stopping the flow of water. Say goodbye to clogging and unclogged, greasy drains.

High quality flexible material:

Made of high quality flexible material, strong suction and no shifting. Effectively prevents small valuables and trinkets from escaping down the drain. Perfect for your shower drain, bathtub drain, kitchen sink, balcony drain, laundry area and more.

About this item:

EASY TO USE: Simply place the catcher on the drain plate in the shower area. Make sure the place is moist so provide better suction and holding. Press evenly on suction cup for secure hold. The drainer conveniently catches hair and other dirt, while clogging and preventing water from draining. Star Shape Drain Catcher: This is a versatile hair catcher and drain cover that adds a fun touch while keeping your drain clog-free. Design: The dense rectangular hole design can well block the hair or other miscellaneous flow into the sewer. Great practical application: It has a great practical application that prevents hair and other stuff from falling behind your sink and choking it. In the shower, hair often clogs drainage. In the kitchen sink, it's a stash of food. Thanks for shopping with us.

Note: Suitable for smooth surfaces only. Will not work on rough floors.

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