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Free Delivery on All Orders

51cm Long Drain UnBlocker Stick Tool Hair Remover Sink Shower Bath Cleaner Snake

by Swayzuk
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  • An indispensable tool for the home: Suitable for kitchen sinks, toilets, wash basins, bathtubs, floor drains, helps to clean the drain and treats blockages
  • Use: Simply insert the tool into sieves or pipes in which it is clogged. Twist and rock it several times to get dirt and hair out
  • Safety and environmentally friendly: no harmful chemicals , PP plastics are safe and durable, recyclable, have good flexibility and are more effective in cleaning clogged drains
  • Soft enough to bend in many types of screens and tubes, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and sinks, bathtubs and showers  
  • Drain Unblocker & hair removal cleaner gripper | Kitchen Shower U Bend
  • Sink Unblocker, Toilet Plunger, Plumbers Snake, Hair Catcher, Drain Weasel, Drain Sticks
  • Slim design allows passing through narrow pipes
  • Long enough to reach a very deep place of the drain, One Shot Drain Cleaner
  • Easy to use the clog mover to clear slow-moving or clogged drains. Shower Cleaner

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