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Free Delivery on All Orders

50PC Dental Floss Sticks Tooth Pick Plaque Remover Oral Care Polymer Threads

by Swayzuk
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  • Practical Dental Floss Stick: With these ergonomically designed tooth floss sticks you can clean the hard to reach inter dental spaces. It helps remove plaque from areas between teeth that are not cleaned by a toothbrush. Because of the small holder, unwaxed dental floss is tight, eliminating the threading problem, and there are no separation / torn problems.
  • Prevent Dental Diseases: With this teeth floss you can clean the inter dental spaces particularly easily, even in the back of the teeth. With regular use of the floss sticks, one can effectively prevent and combat various dental problems, such as bad breath, gum pain, gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. Use it daily to reduce the risk of gingivitis.
  • Easy to Use: The taut flosses can clean teeth gently and effectively. Y-shape teeth floss sticks, easy to insert into the spaces and gently get the spaces between the teeth. Safe and Smooth without damaging the gums.

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