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Free Delivery on All Orders

48 PCS Skin Tag & Acne Patch

The percolation effect is good, leaving no scars to relieve pain, promoting wound healing and reducing scar formation.
It can promote the growth of acne, absorb and decompose
secretions, and at the same time help the wound to reduce inflammation
and heal, promote the growth and repair of the underlying muscle tissue
after healing, and avoid the formation of scars.
Breathable, invisible, resistant bacteria, prevent cross infection, accelerate wound healing.
Separate wounds and makeup.

2 different sizes: diameter 12mm/0.47" and 8mm/0.31" (you are also free to cut the patch).
Quantity: 24pcs
Material: high permeability polyurethane film
Applicable population: general
Skin type: versatile
Function: It can be used as a mini band-aid.
Usage: after washing your face, put the patches on the spot and gently press it for 2-3 seconds.
Caution: if any skin discomfort occurs, please stop using the
product immediately and consult a physician. Please paste it before

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