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3in1 Super Fast Charging Data Cable Bold Charge Line Micro USB C 8PIN



✔️ Max 120W Super Fast Charger- Equipped with USB Type C port, 120W Power Delivery 3.0 USB C Wall Charger provides maximum 120W output power. This 120W fast charging speed is 5 times faster than standard USB C wall chargers.

✔️ Super safe fast charging -120W USB C Power Delivery 3.0 Super Fast Charger Long USB C Fast Charge Cable has built-in multiple protection systems to avoid over voltage/overcharge/overheating/over current/short circuit, fast charging your device, safe and stable. Automatically stops charging when the battery is full to ensure the safety and longevity of your device.

✔️ Liquid soft glue, skin-feeling wire is resistant to dirt and non-stick fingerprints-Liquid soft rubber skin-feeling wire, strong anti-fouling, durable and non-discoloring, can be washed and decontaminated

✔️ 6A fast charge-Faster straight-line accelerated charging Super fast charge 99% 4 constant temperature straight-line accelerated charging faster and safer

✔️ Quick charge does not hurt the machine-No damage, fast charging only makes sense, thick tinned copper core wire, stable and efficient charging and transmission

✔️ Intelligent constant temperature charging-Insulation and flame retardant material Completely constant temperature charging experience is safe without getting hot

✔️ Durable- CNC zinc alloy head- super good texture, such a solid plug, feel good to burst different charging experience

✔️ Charging/Transmission Combination - 40mb/s Fast Transmission-Standard USB2.0 interface, 40MB/S fast transfer speed charging/data cable transfer at the same time, support market standard QC charger


Condition : 100% Brand New.
Color : Black,Blue,White,Orange
Type : For Micro USB, For Type-C, For iPhone
Cable Length : 4FT/1.2M, 6FT/1.8M
Weight : About 75g for 4FT/1.2M, 100g for 6FT/1.8M, 
Copper wire specification : 200 copper wires
Cable material : Liquid Silicone

Package Contents:
1 * 3in1 Fast Charging Cable

* Only Type-C supports 120W fast charging, others are normal charging.
* When you use 120W fast charging, you need your Charger and Mobile phone to support 120W fast charging at the same  time. If not, the charging cable will be compatible with the maximum charging power.

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