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24/36/48 Knots Weighted Hula Smart Hoop Thin Waist Fitness Weight Loss Hoop UK

Product Description



  • 【Modern Smart Hula Hoop】Through rotating, this non-fall hula hoop with gravity ball allows you to massage your waist and to burn body fat quickly. Easier to operate and burning faster 2-3 times than the normal hula hoop.

  • 【Adjustable Length】Consists of 24/36 detachable parts, this hula hoop enable you to adjust the length, which is easily installed, compactly fits your waist size, portable to carry and use it in anywhere.

  • 【Comfortably Way of Burning】this non-fall hula hoop is soft to touch, friendly to your waist, obvious fat burning effect, burning up to 800 calories each time. We recommend you exercise 30 minutes per day for 5 days weekly.

  • 【Professional Design】Made of high-quality ABS material, 4-wheel metal axles, flexibly rotating without jamming, professional designed rope length for effectively exercise, tight enough that anti-drop.

  • 【Practial Exercise Equipment】Our smart hula hoop fitness equipment eliminate belly fat, arms fat, legs fat, tighten your hip, relax and train your muscle, suitable for all adults and children, especially for sedentary and skill level training.


Material: ABS
Color: Pink / Purple

Hula Hoop Size:

Adjustable cord length.

24 Knots Maximum circumference of the waist approx:120 cm

36 Knots Maximum circumference of the waist approx:180 cm

Gravity Ball Rope Length: 25cm

Suitable for:
weight loss/post-natal recovery/abdominal fat/office workers/sports advocates

Reference Method: 

1. Exercise 30 minutes per day at the beginning
2. Normally 2~3 groups each time, each group 20~30 minutes, rest between groups 20~30 minutes
3. 4~6 days a week

Package included:
1 x Smart Weighted Hula Hoop(WITH SAND)

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