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10x Nose Pore Deep Cleansing Strips Blackhead Remover Peel Off Mask Nose Sticker

by Swayzuk
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  • Easily suck and remove blackheads with fine pores. Blackheads are gray-black condensed single objects formed by air oxidation by excess oil and dust trapped in the pores. They are mostly found on the T-shaped part of the face.
  • Because the black heads are fully loosened in the pores, the black heads can be pulled out by the roots with a light lift. Breathable nasal patch, the hydrosol releases abundant protoplasm in contact with water, penetrates deeply, frees the stubborn blackheads of double pores and concentrates on the patch.
  • Refreshing and clear formula, cooling and soothing, tightens pores, and helps reduce excess oil in the nose.

1. After cleansing, wet the nose with a cotton pad for 2-3 minutes, and wait until the water is completely inserted into the nose.

2. Keep your hands dry and clean, take the nasal patch, tear off the film, align the center of the nasal patch with the bridge of the nose, and stick the smooth surface on the nose.

3. Gently insert along the bridge of the nose to both sides of the wing of the nose to remove air bubbles to make the nasal patch fit the skin of the nose.

4. After 10-15 minutes, when the nasal patch is dry, gently peel off the nasal patch from both sides of the nose to the bridge of the nose. Storage method: sealed and stored at room temperature and protected from light, moisture and mildew.

  • Efficacy: Whitening, moisturizing, exfoliation, shrink pores, remove blackheads
  • Type: Blackhead Remover Sticker
  • Color: White, Black
  • Size: 3*8.4cm/1.18*3.31inch(approx)
Package Included:
  • 10*Nose stick

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