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Free Delivery on All Orders
Free Delivery on All Orders

For Huawei Super Charger USB Type-C 4A Charging

      • A Huawei Charger And Plug
        Original Huawei Charger
        Original Cable
        Unique And Stylish Design
        Fast Charging
        Flat And Lightweight

        Product Description:
         100% Brand New
        Nylon, Aluminum And Plastic Material

Huawei Supercharge HW-050450B00

4.5A 5A/5V Mains Charger Adapter + 5A Type C USB Cable

        Package Contents First select from menu
        1 x Huawei Supercharge Plug
        1 x Charging Cable
        1 x Charging Cable And Huawei Supercharge (If purchased together)

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